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Cleaning Tips from a Professional Maid Service

Use These Tips to Clean your House Better

When a person hires a professional maid service they expect them to do well and to get the house spick and span. Even for professional cleaners some houses can be a little challenging to handle. Many companies have switched to green cleaning products as well. They will kill bacteria but still be environmentally friendly and non toxic. If you are looking for Cleaning Services Winnipeg MB, please see the MintyMaids.

Cleaning Tile Floors
To get the tile floors clean the maid will use simple and easy to follow steps. They will be looking their best and new again in no time. To clean tile the maid will sweep the floor with a regular broom. After the floor is swept

A mop is dipped in a solution of water and dish soap and used to mop the floor
To floor is then wiped with a clean towel

This will have remove all dirt and give on the floor without making the tile look cloudy or leaving streaks behind.

There are some things that can make cleaning linoleum easier for the maid. The floor will become clean without looking dull. To begin with the maid will sweep the floor to remove dirt and other particles.

Floor polished is then used to add a shine to the dull linoleum. Any commercial polish will work for this task.
Additional polish will have to be applied to heavy traffic areas

Hardwood flooring is going to need extra care to make sure it does not scratch. There are some simple tricks to get the floor looking new again and to keep the customers happy. Once the floor is swept there is a simple solution that is used.

Mix ¼ cup apple cider vinegar with a gallon of water
Mop the floor and allow it to dry

This technique will reduce the appearance of scratches and will have the floor looking shiny again.

Dust is everywhere. Even if a person tires to keep their own home clean they are going to be attacked with dust. To remove the dust from the home the maid will

Clean vacuum and other mats will an all purpose cleaner
Vacuum door mats and other floor coverings
Get the hard to reach places such as ceiling corners to make sure the home is dust free

To keep the dust away the homeowner will to vacuum or sweep between maid visits.
Window Cleaning
To get the windows clean high tech cloths are not going to be needed.

Mix vinegar with a little bit of water as a cleaning solution
Newspaper is the best thing to clean the windows with. It will not leave streaks behind and will remove the dirt.
If the window will not clean wet a wash rag and wipe the area before using newspaper

Professional maid services work hard to make sure the home is clean. They will get areas that the homeowner often ignores such as under the couch and areas that are hard to reach. It is best to use maid services frequently to make sure the home stays clean and manageable.

7 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Carpet NOW


When you first install a carpet, it is exciting as a new carpet imparts a new look to your living room (for a full list of benefits, click here). Plus,it also enhances the decor and adds texture to your floors.

But once life happens – spills, accidents, bad maintenance and daily occurrences – your soft and clean wonderland transforms into dull looking flooring.

Here are 7 reasons why you need to get your carpet cleaned immediately.

Carpet Cleaning Reason #1 – Your carpet is spotted with stains that look unappealing.

Whether it is spilled wine, or cola or a mocha latte, unsightly spots need to be removed ASAP. They look ugly, mar the look of the entire room and makes you seem as a careless homemaker.

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Choosing A Carpet Cleaning Company: What Should You Look For?


Choosing a carpet cleaning company does not have to be so difficult. There are four main things that you should look for in a carpet cleaning company. These things are certification, the types of services that they offer, the prices that they charge and quality of services.


When choosing the right carpet cleaning company for your home, you want to make a good choice. This may seem like a difficult task but it does not have to be. One of the things that you are going to want to find out is if they are certified. Carpet cleaning companies that are certified are going to provide you with the best cleaning services. So, if you would like the cleaning done right in your home make sure to check on the certification.

The Type of Services Offered

Many people use carpet cleaning companies for various reasons. Some people like to have their carpets cleaned on a regular basis. Other people just get their carpets cleaned for special occasions. There are even others who get their carpets cleaned only when they get stained. There may be various reasons for getting your carpets cleaned. However, choosing a carpet cleaning company that will provide you cleaning services in any situation is the one to choose.

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10 Benefits of A Clean Carpet

Carpets are floor coverings within homes that are used to protect floors, provide comfort and to beautify homes. Carpets have a tendency to become filthy within a short amount time. Especially if they are light colored or located in area where there is heavy traffick. Keeping a carpet clean will provide many benefits to homeowners. The following information will explain 10 benefits that people can receive from a clean carpet and how a homeowner can use them for their own covered floors. Clean your carpets now.


  1. Appearance


A clean carpet will give a home a decent apperance. Having a clean carpet will make a home appear neat, tidy and well kept. This benefit is important since people like to live and visit in a clean and well kept environment. A person can have their carpets professionally cleaned or use a carpet cleaning device to accomplish this task.

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How to Make Your Carpets Look Brand New

How to Make Your Carpets Look Brand New

Carpet cleaning tips Carpet cleaning can be a very tedious and laborious job. This is the reason that most people like to hire professional cleaning services to do the job. But if you decide to do it yourself then you need to follow the these steps to make your carpets look fluffy and brand new.

Here are the steps to deep clean your carpet:

1. Remove stains:
The first thing that you should do is to check the entire carpet carefully for stains. If you find one, spray stain removing formula directly on the area and leave it for a day or two. Or just follow the directions on the can until the stain is gone, whichever works better for you.

2. Vacuum:
Now you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust and dirt that might be deep in the carpet. This will take longer with your trusty, dusty Dirt Devil than a steam cleaning company with their professional equipment but keep at it until it is clean enough to eat off of. But don’t actually eat off of the carpet or you will have to start over at step one.

3. Get a good cleaning agent:
No, not an agent like a “secret aaaagent mannnn” but a carpet cleaning chemical. Regular Spot Shot probably won’t do the job as well as the cleaning solutions that the professionals use but your home improvement store should have some commercial cleaners that will work well.

4. Dry it for more than a week:
Using cleaning solutions is important but don’t overdo it. If you use too much, the carpets will take longer to dry. Before you go putting the furniture and rugs back, make sure that the area is completely dry. Otherwise, mold can grow and your new, clean carpets will start to smell. You may want to roll around on it for a bit and then check to see if your clothes are wet. You should shower immediately after since these chemicals are likely harmful to humans. But not carpets.

5. Check the carpet:
Finally, when your carpet is completed dried up, do a thorough check for any remaining stains or dingy areas. Rinse and repeat in these spots. If especially stubborn, buy new carpet. Or a new house. Or you can hire a professional service. The latter is probably your best option.

If you feel that all these steps are just too much work, then it might be better to hire a carpet cleaning company. These professionals can be done in a day and do a much better job than you. Unless you have a truck mounted, high suction carpet cleaner in the garage. If that is the case, have you ever thought about starting a carpet cleaning business?

Seven Things To Avoid In A Carpet Cleaning Service

Premiere Bond Cleaning Sydney Company


Not all businesses operate with the customer’s best interest at heart. Carpet cleaning businesses are no different. When you hire a carpet cleaning company to come into your home to clean your carpets and area rugs, you will want to do your homework to make sure you are getting great service and in the end, clean carpets. A company like RC carpet cleaners is one you should use.

If you are in the market for some carpet cleaning, here are 7 things to avoid with carpet cleaning businesses.

  1. Do not decide on equipment alone:

Most carpet cleaning businesses will give you a lot of song-and-dance about the equipment they own and will use to clean your carpets. As impressive as it may sound, be sure you ask to see the company’s and the technician’s IICRC certification. This will tell you if the company and technician have been certified and retain their Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, which is needed for proof they are well trained in their business.


  1. Enticing low prices:

Specials and deals are always nice. Everyone wants to save money but when you hear about unheard of or unbelievable prices for carpet cleaning, it’s probably too good to be true. This is a tactic used to get their foot in the door and puts you at risk for shotty carpet cleaning services. Low prices are not reasonable when you think of all the fees and overhead companies have to pay; from licensing, equipment, pay roll and more. Be wary of lowball cleaning fees and remember: you get what you pay for.

  1. Over-the-phone sales:

Unless you are already very familiar with a company and their practices, it’s never a good idea to set-up a cleaning service by one phone call. Have the company technician meet you to do a pre-date inspection of what you want done. Get a written estimate and set your cleaning date. A single phone call with an estimate leaves room for the tech to escalate your fee when he shows up. These are common bait and switch deals that can be avoided.

  1. Satisfaction guaranteed:

What if you aren’t happy with the job when he’s done cleaning? Do you have a money back guarantee or any other recourse? Never hire a company who does not offer a money back guarantee because this means the company does not stand behind the performance of their technicians or their quality of work.

  1. Get references:

References from others are used for any type of business and it’s a great way to see what others think about the company, their performance, as well as bits of praise or warnings. Ask for five references from the company as well as do your research online and check with the BBB for any complaints against the company. You can also check with

The best equipment:

As a tidbit of information, truck-powered hot water extractors are the most powerful and will do the best job. Any other, such as a portable, can do an ok job, but will not perform nearly as well as a truck-powered hot water extractor. Be sure to ask ahead of time.

  1. Check with your carpet’s manufacturer first:

Knowing ahead of time what your carpet manufacturer says is the best means of steam cleaning it would be, then be sure to ask your company if they can comply. If they try to tell you those practices aren’t performed anymore or they say they cannot oblige, look for a company that will. Who better to know their own product than the manufacturer of your carpet?